Augmented Reality Landscape shows 51 Augmented Reality Market Players

29. Juli 2012

Augmented Reality Landscape: Today i finished my international overview slide about the Augmented Reality Industry (Version 1.0). It shows 51 market players in the field of Augmented Reality and is a subjective overview. I give no guarantee for accuracy.

August 1st, 2012: Update to Version 1.1. – now 54 market players
August 5th, 2012: Update to Version 1.2. – now 69 market players
August 11th, 2012: Update to Version 1.3. – now 78 market players

Newest version:

Download-Link for Augmented Reality Landscape.

Please send feedback, suggestions, ideas and corrections to „markus.caspari ( AT )„. A new updated version will follow soon.

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